Jeyne Poole and Reek by htnn

2021.10.25 04:15 snoopmask10 Jeyne Poole and Reek by htnn

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2021.10.25 04:15 pedal_deals_bot Kurzweil K2000 61-Key Digital Workstation Synthesizer - $44 ($29 + $15 S/H) 98%

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2021.10.25 04:15 leevilbob I drew queen.

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2021.10.25 04:15 driedfish_ Idea for a year-long political game that involves debating between members

As part of our school's debate club, we intend to introduce a political simulation game. Here's what we've got so far, I'll be very happy to receive any feedbacks and ideas!
Each member will take up the role of a country (real countries). The game will revolve around interactions between there countries.
Each country will have several stats, including:

There are two main activities in the game:
So, what do you guys think? Should we make changes anywhere?
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2021.10.25 04:15 pedal_deals_bot Kurzweil K2000 61-Key Digital Workstation Synthesizer - $44 ($29 + $15 S/H) 98%

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2021.10.25 04:15 ZoolShop We Should Push Facebook and Amazon Towards Crypto Adoption and not Creation

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2021.10.25 04:15 pedal_deals_bot Kurzweil K2000 61-Key Digital Workstation Synthesizer - $44 ($29 + $15 S/H) 98%

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2021.10.25 04:15 mellowstraws My little village so far, tryng to mix design and efficiency. If Xanax were a game, this would be it.

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2021.10.25 04:15 RenegadeWriting Turbo Speed Drifter Ep. 5: Boost

If you were one of the many who liked to see the race up close, you might have gotten tickets to sit on the left side of the fork. You couldn’t have known this would be easy street, so to speak. You’d see Hopscotch zip by you, or maybe feel the massive suction of air that the big rig’s enormous chassis left behind. You could be wowed by the luminescence of Gecko, its bright green aura bathing the crowd in green light. You might have even found yourself ducking for cover in the stands as Virginia Project and the hot pink Lancer Evo Princess VQ traded shots of high caliber lead and what appeared to be glitter bombs (which, despite the name, were loud and devastating to be hit by). Even if you found yourself in that particular splash zone, covered in sparkles and tasting gunpowder in the air, you would be about as far from the real action as you could be.
Fans who were fortunate enough to buy tickets on the right side of the fork were shocked to see the Phantom II hit a drift and pick up one of his opponents from the roadside. A few particularly daring spectators hopped the fence and claimed a piece of the Spitfire’s wreckage, a souvenir of the historic moment that took place right before their eyes. Never before had a driver let his opponent ride shotgun, and referees were already scrambling to decide the implications of this.
K.C. Jones wasn’t sure what the implications were either as he shot down the track, the fans on either side of his windshield becoming a blur as he picked up speed once more. For now, his only concern was making sure his new passenger’s seat belt was on. Jones had the luxury of a racing harness, which kept his body more or less in one piece when things went south. The same wasn’t true of his passenger seat, which was still rocking a single lap belt and nothing more.
“I’m Jones.”
“Benny.” His passenger grunted. The poor man was white-knuckling the panic handle in the roof. His other hand was tight on his baseball cap, desperately trying to keep it on as the wind whipped at him through the closing window. A camera drone hovered above their windshield, probably zooming in on the faces Benny was making at every bump and shudder.
“Don’t tell me you get fuckin’ carsick.” Jones said, stealing a glance at Benny as he gunned it down a straightaway. Jones and another car were muscling for rank; the slowdown Jones had taken let the next driver catch up to them. Luckily for Jones, they weren’t rocking any weapons as it stood. They were just a regular four-door, probably once used for a three hour commute.
“I’ll be alright.” Benny said, holding back some vomit. He was shaking on account of adrenaline. His stomach felt like it was shaking too after taking a hit from the Phantom II’s passenger side door, but he held that handle as best he could and stared out the window. He watched the driver of the car beside them: It was strange for him, the first time in this race he had an opportunity to see an opponent while wheels were still turning. This opponent was a somewhat pudgy man, dressed in a button-down shirt and a tie. He adjusted his vehicle one handed. With the other, he alternated between sipping from his coffee cup and typing up an email on the laptop open beside him. Benny was mesmerized by him: that is, until Jones saw a line that could beat him out, hitting a turn sharply and jerking Benny’s shoulder into the door again.
“Thanks for saving my ass back there.” Benny said.
“Don’t sweat it.” Jones said. Benny watched his hands as he drove. For a few moments, all would be calm. Then, as soon as the need arose, Jones would be a blur, slamming his foot on the clutch and shifting gears like a madman.
“Boy am I lucky you decided to go for the boost, huh? I should have never tried, I knew that greasy little asshole was going to go for it.”
“I can’t use the boost.”
Benny stared at him in shock. “What?” “I can’t use the boost. I don’t have an engine for it, my car will fucking explode if I throw that shit in the tank.”
“Oh.” Benny sat back as best as he could in the seat, eyes straight ahead. “Well, at least we can blow past them, then. I’ve seen tons of drivers from past years wipe out trying to get boosts from those little fuckin’ podiums they got going on.”
“We’re not out of the woods yet. And I do mean ‘we’. I’ve got a job for you now.”
“Me? What can I do, you saw my car! Rat bastard totalled him. When I get my hands on that son of a bitch-”
“The only thing you’re getting hands on between now and the next pit stop is one of those boosts.” “What? Me? Won’t it be easier to ride alongside and grab it if it’s on the driver’s side?”
“We’re getting two of ‘em. You gotta earn your keep in this car buddy.”
The announcer over the radio was practically asphyxiating himself with how quickly he spoke. He must have been enraptured by Jones’s decision, as that’s all he could talk about for the past twenty seconds. By the fifth time he heard the word “unprecedented”, Jones decided that the radio probably wouldn’t be giving any useful information about the other racers. He shut it off, letting himself concentrate on the road.
“Please don’t make me reach for it, this seat belt is scuffed enough as it is.” Benny whined. “And are these windows even bullet-proof? They look just like regular glass.”
“It’s either that or I chuck you out on the asphalt, Benny. I don’t need the extra weight.”
Now that Jones was picking up speed again, there was some decent distance between himself and the next driver behind him. He was also gaining on his opponent, Bird of Paradise. Their taillights blazed bright, and as Jones drove behind them his cabin glowed a deep red, even though he was still a few yards away. It was getting to the point Jones could barely see, twin spots dancing in his eyes around each turn. The road was narrow here, and competing for the same boost could be dangerous, but Jones had no choice but to catch up if he didn’t want to throw himself off the track by mistake.
They were inches apart, rocketing down the road and threatening to trade paint with every bump of the road. Jones had to continually adjust his vehicle to keep it from listing too far to one side or the other, but the Bird of Paradise, to Benny’s eyes, had no such issue. Benny couldn’t see the driver through his tinted windows, but he could tell that the car suffered none of the bumping or overcorrecting that Jones was wrestling with. Jones was tempted to radio in and speak to Bird of Paradise, but he couldn’t take his hands off the wheel right now, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to ask Benny to speak for him. He still wasn’t sure picking Benny up was a good idea, but it was too late to second-guess himself.
The road went on for a little while, before opening up at the end of the straightaway into what looked like a big, concrete bowl, similar in shape to a skate park. Halfway down the bowl, three concrete pillars had been erected in the center, each boasting an egg-looking object on a glass pedestal. The pedestals glowed a soft yellow, beckoning Jones and the Bird of Paradise as they hit the entrance.
There, too, idled Straightpipe’s E30 of the same name, driver’s side door open. Evidently, he’d gotten there fast enough to warrant getting out of his car and grabbing a boost by hand, rather than risk missing it on his pass. Just now, the leather-clad driver was reaching for it. Wasting no time, Jones kicked on his machine guns and opened fire, raining bullets down on the pedestal in the center. Jones didn’t want to kill anyone, so he aimed high, hoping to spook Straightpipe off. He was successful on that front, as Straightpipe sprinted for the safety of his car.
However, the shots had knocked the boost off its pedestal. The pedestal light turned off, and the boost had to be somewhere on the ground. Straightpipe peeled out, flipping both of them the bird as he went on his way. Jones and Bird of Paradise split off to their respective sides, each slowing down to nab a boost from the driver’s side window.
“I see it.” Benny said.
“What?” Jones said, popping open the compartment in the center console and slipping the boost inside.
“The other one, I see the other one.” Benny said, pointing out the window.
Jones saw what he was gesturing towards, and, stopping the vehicle, rushed to pull back Benny’s arm. “Don’t fucking give it away!” Jones said through gritted teeth.
It was too late. He could see the Bird of Paradise swerving already, its taillights trailing behind it, dispersing only after a strange couple-second delay. Fuck. Jones thought. He’s seen it.
“Woah, woah wait a second, wai-”
Jones slammed his foot to the floor, shooting straight for the boost. “Grab it!” Jones yelled. The Bird of Paradise was coming straight for it too, accelerating into this game of chicken. “Grab the damn thing!”
All Benny could do was unleash a fearful yell as he pushed himself half out the window, his bruised belly once again up against the door frame. Jones and the Bird of Paradise had both chosen the same side to come at it from, and all Benny could do was try to ignore the oncoming vehicle. He pulled off his baseball cap and dragged it along the ground, eyes shut tight.
While Benny was busy blinding himself and praying he wouldn’t be torn in half, Jones was staring down his opponent. He couldn’t see the driver, as their windshield was tinted a reflective blue. All he could see was a light image of his own face, scowling back at him. The two cars were rapidly approaching each other, neither indicating they would slow down.
Benny felt something heavy skid into his cap. He jerked it up immediately, balling the cap in his fist as he wormed himself back into the car. Jones was swerving as he did so, and it took all of Benny’s strength to fight the centripetal force pushing him back out. Jones helped with one hand, pulling him by his shirt. He made it just in time, too. With one hand still on its way back in the window, he felt the slightest touch graze against his fingertips. The Bird of Paradise whirled about so close to them that Benny could practically lick the paint, if it suited him. Instead, he chose to scream, gripping the seat as tightly as his fingers allowed.
He hyperventilated now, clutching his hand to his chest. He was pretty sure this is what a heart attack felt like, though dying after being saved from the track a few minutes before would be fairly inconvenient. Jones and Bird of Paradise were riding side-by-side now, matching speed as they left the concrete bowl behind. According to the map, it would be a straight shot to the pit stop. Jones had no idea how many drivers were behind him, nor how many were on the other track. All he could see was Straightpipe far in the distance. He had so much of a lead on them that he knew he wouldn’t catch him.
“Why haven’t you used it yet?” Came a voice, crackling through the SWB radio.
Jones nodded for Benny to hand him the receiver. “Come again?” he said into the mic.
“Your boost, why haven’t you used it yet?” It was Bird of Paradise calling in. Jones still couldn’t see his face, but his voice was calm, almost emotionless.
Jones thought a moment before responding. No harm in it, at this point. “My car isn’t set up to use a boost. It’ll backfire, and Benny here and I will be in pieces.”
For almost a minute, the only response Jones heard was the sound of gravel churning under his tires. He gave a soft sigh: for all he knew, this detour had cost him the race. It could be over.
“I won’t either, then.” Bird of Paradise said. “Wouldn’t be very sportsmanlike of me. Did you really get two of them?”
Sucking in a breath of alarm, Jones started hitting Benny in the chest with the back of his hand. “Check! Check it, Benny!”
Benny grabbed his hat, which had fallen between his feet, and nervously unrolled it. There, wrapped up and intact, was a little egg-shaped object, brilliant gold with a tinge of light in its glass center.
“Fuck yeah, Benny!” Jones exclaimed, his SWB still on and listening. “Let’s fucking go!”
“Why did you get two boosts if you can’t use either of them?” Bird of Paradise asked.
Jones stilled his celebration, taking the mic back in a victorious fist. “If I can’t boost, I don’t want anyone behind me passing me because of it.”
Benny snorted. “The way Straightpipe is driving, I wouldn’t be surprised if five of us are knocked out before the first person crosses the finish line.”
It would be another two minutes or so before the Phantom II and Bird of Paradise crossed into the next pit stop, ending this leg of the race. They were eighth and ninth place, respectively, though the race officials had a bit of a conundrum on their hands when it came to what to do with Benny. They convened a special meeting to discuss it and, at a vote of 4-1, they decided that technically a racer had only to cross the finish line with or without a car. This meant Benny was still in the running at tenth place. They also decided that Jones could continue driving him if he so chose, but otherwise Benny would have to make his own arrangements by the time the next leg started.
The Marauder, who had crossed the finish line ten seconds after being beaten out by the Phantom II and Bird of Paradise, was furious to find that he’d been knocked out on a technicality. He swore and cursed, throwing mechanic’s tools and tires around in rage, but ultimately there was nothing he could do. As Jones and Benny stepped out of the Phantom II, the operator for the Marauder was staring them down, making obscene gestures as he was escorted away by security.
Benny took out the boost to admire it, but Jones quickly stopped him. “Don’t let them see you have it.” Jones said. “We don’t want them to know it’s ours, or they may target us more. And that’s if they don’t steal it altogether.”
“But you can’t even use it.” Benny protested.
Jones shook his head, holding the boost tight in his pocket. “And that stays between you, me, and Bird boy. No point in showing our hand too early. Now come on,” he said, stretching his legs, “I’m fucking exhausted. And hungry.”
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2021.10.25 04:15 MT257 [HDD] WD Elements 12TB USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive ($249.99-50=$199.99 w/ code) Limit 2 per customer

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2021.10.25 04:15 UpsocialToken Satoshi Nakamoto’s BTC holding makes him among the top 20 richest men in the world
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2021.10.25 04:15 Pale-Simp Should I prioritise my health or school?

This is my first time posting on reddit, so please don't hate me if I do it wrong. Also I didn't really know where to ask this, so here I am.
A little explanation on Polish public school system: Generally we all start school at 6 or 7 years old. New system has 8 years of primary school and 4 years of high school. Old system had 6 years of primary school, 3 years of middle school and 3 years of high school. I'm currently on my 3rd year of high school. It means I will take the biggest test ever (matura) in April.
I'm an 18 year old nonbinary person. My health has always been weird. I have heart problems, high blood pressure, asthma, Asperger's Syndrome, memory loss and most recently also partial seizures. This last one is the most difficult to deal with, I'm still in the process of getting it diagnosed. It affects me every single day. Due to AS I'm also legally disabled.
For those who don't know what a partial seizure is: in my experience it's an occurrence when I suddenly stop responding in a conversation, stare into the void for a few seconds up to a minute, and when I come back I usually don't remember what happened during or shortly before the seizure and I might have a headache or speak in a weird way. I had these seizures in school, in my house and in public.
The seizures cause all sorts of different problems for my entire body. For example, one day I had a seizure at 10PM and the next day when I woke up I was too dizzy to even get up. Some problems are constant, like headaches and light dizziness.
All these symptoms make it extremely hard to get ready in the morning, focus on classes and remember the important things. I visit the school nurse quite regularly, mostly with a strong headache or anxiety related breathing problems. She usually calls my mom to pick me up.
My mom (44 years old) is unemployed, but she runs a lot of errands while me and my two sisters (17 and 10 years old) are at school. She sometimes works for a local cat shelter or cleaning services. Most of the time she's busy and can't pick me up immediately, so I either have to wait over 30 minutes for her or take a risk and go home on my own in a bus.
My mom cares for my health, but also wants me to graduate. My teachers are constantly angry with me for skipping school so much, they say I won't graduate if I keep on missing the tests and important subjects. The thing is I actually want to attend school. Even though I hate this place with a passion, I want to graduate. However, I cannot control my health as much as I would want to. It's hard for me to function like this.
Today when I woke up I was in so much pain that when I got out of bed I immediately fell to the floor and had to lay there for a few minutes before gaining enough strength to get up and live. I got to school and I have a headache, problems with my vision and I feel like I'm going to throw up. I'm considering going to the nurse for advice and possible emergency medicine, but I've been there way too often and I don't want to trouble her. I also don't want to notify my mom or my teacher because they would probably be angry at me for skipping again.
I'm in a lot of pain. I would love to go home and rest, and I would be absolutely extatic if I was admitted to a hospital for some time and maybe got some relief in my symptoms. However, I also care for school and don't want to constantly miss out.
What should I do?
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2021.10.25 04:15 InverseFcB Speed to beat is 148mph, does a 323 Legacy beat it? Rolling start wet Test Bowl (can test on Chamonix 4)

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2021.10.25 04:15 lss_bvt_and_10 LssTest-TextPost-48025

Text post is created
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2021.10.25 04:15 SpareBrain9854 Rating cravings of food image (all welcome) Participants needed!

[Academic] Perceived palatability and cravings of food images. Hi everyone, I am a psychology student looking for food lovers who would like to take part in a fun study I created about rating cravings of food images. I am particularly interested in health psychology and researching the reasons behind how we make our food choices. This study will take about 15 minutes to complete and it is completely anonymous.
If you would like to take part follow the link below, if you were born between: January-June: July-December:
You will be asked a few demographic questions and will have to complete two short questionnaires on hunger levels and food craving tendencies. In the main part of the experiment, you will be asked to rate the palatability and cravings of different food images.
Feel free to participate if you are not on a restrictive diet, are omnivorous, and do not suffer from colour blindness. Your last meal should have been at least 1 hour prior to the experiment. Also, you should use a computer or laptop for the study. It will not run on phones or tablets.
We hope to find some good results that we could publish in a scientific journal. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, I would gladly answer :)
Thank you for your participation in advance! It is much appreciated
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2021.10.25 04:15 gaberaww Is this possible? Please help.

Not sure if I’m doing anything wrong but when I try to rearrange sections it puts them back in the order in that it wants. I’m assuming it’s in alphabetical order I’m not sure. The problem is when I add numbers it’ll mess the order up when I get past 10. It’ll put 11 after 1 instead of 10 and I can’t move it back to where it was until I delete it. Please help thank you.
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2021.10.25 04:15 setapdede [Small Fan art] Progressbar 3 (sorry for some text looking weird)

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2021.10.25 04:15 AUfan36 For those of you who eat sweets everyday, how's your health ?

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2021.10.25 04:15 Cropitekus Former Foreign Minister of Ukraine "revealed" US plans to create a new world "without Russia"

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2021.10.25 04:15 SwiftLikeAWind KCS Going Crazy Right Now! This Week We Might See It Break ATH

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2021.10.25 04:15 dirkisgod [OFFER] Luno: 23€/15£ instant bonus: 15€/£10 from them, 8€/£5 from me(EU/UK)

Luno is a very intuitive crypto platform, with a really nice interface and simple to use, even for someone completely new in the space - it's easier than using most banking apps.
Their reward program is all automated and instant - it is the easiest and smoothest sign up experience.
The bonus requirements and reward is different based on your location/currency.

Location Buy Get
EU/EUR 250 € 15 €
UK £100 £10
Luno is also available in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, Uganda and Zambia. So if you're from these countries, there should be a reward for you as well.
  1. $bid for referral code
  2. Verify ID and make a deposit (UK fast transfers and Instant Sepa)
  3. Buy BTC.
  4. Enjoy instantaneous 15EUR (or 10£)that you can withdraw immediately
  5. I will send you my share via Paypal, Revolut or something else.
Luno terms
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2021.10.25 04:15 K_Katana1000 Does anyone have a Korean to English transcript of what Dara said in this video?

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