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Joining is Easy. Signing up for the Nintendo Developer Portal is easy and can be completed in just a few minutes. Register Now We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The Raid: Directed by Joe Carnahan. An international fugitive and his thugs trap a small Specials Operations force inside a building. Based on the concept from Gareth Evans' 2011 film 'The Raid: Redemption'. STAR WARS™ - Knights of the Old Republic™ Remake. A legend remade for PS5 & PC. Sign up today to receive the latest news on Aspyr's Star Wars™ projects. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Tony-nominated playwright of The Inheritance, Matthew López has been hired to write the remake. No details of the cast has been announced yet, but there are rumors of Cardi B, Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson and Channing Tatum’s involvement floating around the Internet.. The new adaptation will be inspired by the classic 1992 romantic drama starring Houston and Kevin Costner. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Your browser has Javascript disabled. Please go to your browser preferences and enable Javascript in order to use Scratch. FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE is an enhanced and expanded version of the critically acclaimed and award-winning FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

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2021.10.25 03:22 -TreeBird Need more people in my realm!

Hey everyone. I have a realm ive been working on for a while. Though a number of people have joined, most of them have fallen off. So i want to recruit some new people to share ideas with and make the world more lively!
The world is a vanilla surival, with a few QoL vanillatweeks packs. Its an aplified world atm, but once 1.18 comes, were gunna expand out and make a new settlement in an ungenerated area, since the amplified gen wont be a thing anymore. Im working on a very large central storage system atm as well.
For new people, im 23, so id prefer to get more adults on, but as long as your a chill person, im not gunna deny peoples! Just comment here or send me a dm, and we can get in contact! Hope to see you around!
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2021.10.25 03:22 gedaliyah What is the best in-device search?

I much prefer to search rather than organize. I like how the KISS launcher will search apps and contacts, and I've tried Sesame smart. I feel like there must be more options out there. I would love to have a unified search for messages and documents as well.
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2021.10.25 03:22 Fearadhach [OC] Historic Histrionics in the Council (PRVerse 15.11)

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Roonda, the Kothro Ambassador, settled his massive bulk into a chair while Enibal pondered what the man’s speech meant. Not what the Ambassador had actually said, but what the speech itself meant for the state of the Council and the League. He did not like where his contemplations took him.
Jalat then recognized the Finidil ambassador to speak and a low groan, quickly suppressed, escaped from many of the Ambassadors. Kazlor kicked him in the shin and he realized he’d groaned as well. The Duke gave him a sharp look, and he returned it with a tiny roll of his eyes. I have never heard of a Findil ambassador who didn’t twitter on for as long as their Xaltan masters will let them. I wonder if that is Jalat’s plan: let that damned bird trill at us until we are ready to give in to what she wants just to get out of this room. Kazlor’s eyebrows lowered in reproof, so Enibal reached forward and called up the commentary on a particular record from a previous ambassador: One where a Finidil, shilling for the Xaltans on something particularly irritating to everyone, had spoken non-stop for over sixteen hours, then turned the floor over to the Ssinio ambassador and fainted from exhaustion.
Pikin Feedright, the male they’d sent to replace Sorsong, stood and spoke in soft tones. “The Findil are, of course, very concerned about Humanity and its expansion, and we fully support Jalat in this. We further urge all of you to support her proposal.” Pikin stopped and stood there quietly for a moment.
He looks uncomfortable. Enibal found himself leaning forward to study the male more closely. The Findil’s feathers were pressed hard against his body, except those on the crown of his head seemed raised. He’s agitated, but why? He’s getting to speak, something the Finidl usually love above all else. Wait… that posture usually means that they are doing something they don’t want to do. Why?
Pikin seemed to regain his composure, gave a worried glance at Killintar, and spoke again. “Yes, we urge you, all of you, to do as the honorable Xaltan, upon whose good graces all our homes are built, and vote for the esteemed Jalat’s proposal. I will now yield the floor to the Ssinio Ambassador, Sa Mssth.”
Enibal and The Duke exchanged a look, then glanced back at Yoro as she sucked air between her teeth. Enibal tuned out Sa, the man never said anything the Xaltan hadn’t written for him anyway, and looked back at Yoro, who had begun to type rapidly on her legs with her eyes staring at the text only she could see. Enibal felt his eyes go wide as he considered Yoro’s panicked reaction. Pikin had orders! Orders from home, probably not to do whatever the Xaltan asked. We can’t have that, it will compromise their entire position. He wished that he had a surreptitious way to write notes of his own, and vowed to ask Yoro for a device like hers as he turned back to hear Sa speak.
It didn’t take long for him to wish he had a device to let him watch entertainment of some form, just so he could escape the droning of Sa’s voice. After an hour he decided to see if he could still manage the trick of sleeping with his eyes open, and woke with a start three hours later when Yoro kicked his chair as Sa finally turned the meeting back over to Jalat. He got some satisfaction out of the fact that Yoro had to kick The Duke’s chair as well. They looked at each other ruefully, then winced as Jalat accidently scraped her microphone and caused a feedback squeal, causing several other ambassadors to jerk awake.
The Xaltan woman cast an acerbic eye across the chamber and several ambassadors – though not as many as would have a few years ago – shuddered under her gaze. She then handed the meeting off to someone else, who stood and pontificated on the multitude of sins committed by ‘The Humans.’ Not Humanity, no, never that. How many threats, favors, and bribes did Jalat pour into this meeting? What is her goal? Hmm… None of the other Ambassadors have floated their platforms over to stand by Jalat. From Killintar’s micro-expressions he isn’t happy that she floated hers over, either. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of a Xaltan Ambassador undocking their platform: they’d rather Dictate From On High, up here next to where I sit. He mentally shook his head, careful to give no outward sign of anything other than attention to the current speaker. Jalat thinks she is going to have Killintar’s position in fact, not just in name, soon. Which means she expects the war to happen soon… Oh, oh no. I have to warn Henry!
He pulled up the text of Jalat’s proposal, and noted the sloppy language. When he got down into some of the side clauses, he also found that the Xaltans had left a great many concessions open to the ‘nearest neighbors’ of the worlds they intended to take from humanity, including that the Xaltans would pay ‘above market rates’ for aid in setting up the colonies, and allow those ‘nearest neighbors’ to establish their own, independent cities on the worlds in question. That will never happen. The Xaltan Senate will publicly flay Jalat AND Killintar alive for signing something like this. She doesn’t expect to have to follow the document… she expects to use it as inducement to bring everyone, or at least some of these boneheads, into the war against Humanity and get most of the rest to sit it out. Then the Xaltan will have unquestioned control of the Council again, meaning she can dispense with Killintar, put herself in as Prime Minister, and use that control to wiggle out of these clauses by claiming some garbage about war expenses. Either that, or it is a ploy to force Humanity to spend all of their money paying fines and fees to keep the worlds. He sucked air in between his teeth as he recognized the tactic: one taken straight out of Kenfistration 101: give two choices, both of which preclude what you don’t want to have happen, and make everyone decide between them. Either way, Humanity loses, and the Xaltan can move in to hunt them at their leisure.
He turned to confer with Yoro, and could tell by the look in her eyes that she’d seen it, too. He looked around the Council room in quiet desperation, trying to find some way to warn Henry without endangering The Plan. Then he looked at Ballud. The amphibian sat hunched over his console, gesturing at it furiously. He risked using his own console to take a closer look at Ballud’s, and found that the man had a message open to Henry as well as one of the troubling clauses of the proposal.
Enibal sat back a little in his seat, refusing to let his relief show on his face. He took a careful look around the room again to disguise his need to take a good look at Henry. His bond brother sat there giving every appearance of being terribly amused by the insults being flung at his people, and thumbing through something on his screen. Enibal desperately wanted to use his console to zoom in on Henry, but didn’t dare. He looked over at the two Xaltan, and saw them looking at Henry with predatory grins. They think they have him. Idiot lizards. You’d expect they’d learn by now not to underestimate a confident human in general, and a confident Henry in particular.
The Duke shifted beside him, and he met the man’s eye for a moment. They both wanted to speak, but realized they didn’t need to. Kazlor gestured with his eyes toward Henry, then the screen, then the Xaltan. He then rolled his eyes and smiled. Enibal retuned the gesture. The Duke has learned in a few months what the Xaltan have failed to learn over the course of decades.
Having established that Henry had the situation in hand he began to look more closely at the rest of the Ambassadors, and saw many beginning to listen far too closely to the anti-human sentiment. A little closer observation and he could see the greed in their eyes. That itch of worry started again between his shoulders. He wanted to stand and scream at them. Can’t you see it is a trap? Have you all become complacent, already, after just a few years of Humanity forcing the Xaltan to back off, that you forget what they have done to you? Do you not understand that the boost you’ve had in your economies is because the Xaltan are no longer trying to bleed you dry?
Enibal took several careful breaths to steady himself. No, it seems they don’t. The Xaltan of the past were crafty, and set things up nicely for themselves, made it far too easy to force things on everyone else. Hundreds of little cuts that bleed into their pockets and out of everyone else. Small, calculated, so few notice. Then, when things get bad, they make magnanimous gestures with the very money they siphoned away. These two dolts have almost managed to squander everything their predecessors did by underestimating the humans, but the old habits die hard. We aren’t out of danger yet.
Enibal’s mind continued down that track as Jalat recognized one Ambassador after another, and each spoke for far longer than they had a right to. Finally Jalat held the floor herself and spoke. “I believe we have heard enough, and can call this a fair measure of the – totally justified – concerns of this Council about having the Humans as such close neighbors. Of course, I can see that some of you are still unconvinced.” She turned a jaundiced eye upon the Arabso and Themircn platforms in particular, but did not totally spare anyone known to sympathize with Humanity, Enibal noted, save himself and the Rooksa.
After a few moments she continued. “There is one other item that needs to be added to the myriad valid” Ha! Valid as what? Enibal thought to himself. “concerns raised here today. The Humans have been prodding the Old Machines without sanction, proper education, nor proper regard for the consequences, AND without sharing their findings!”
Enibal almost felt like the air pressure in the massive chamber dropped from the collective intake of breath. For himself, he simply had to hide a grimace. Damnit! I told Henry…
Jalat wasted no time in riding the emotion of the room. “We have many recorded incidents of the Humans querying the Old Machines, any time they can find one. We have, of course, examined everything we could from those recordings, and determined that the Humans have resorted to sending gibberish at them! I am, now, sending you those recordings, that you may judge for yourselves. You will note official Xaltan Document tags on the recordings, so please do not insult me by questioning if they are genuine.”
She then stepped back and waited for the Council to review her findings. After a few minutes she stepped back to her microphone. “Now, we have had a long day, my fellow sheppards of our great League. However, after hearing the impassioned testimony of so many, I believe we need to vote on this proposal today: after all, we all know how hard the Humans work at back-room dealing, and I would hate for them to intimidate any of you into voting against this proposal on their behalf.
“That said, I am afraid I can not fairly call the vote just yet. We must, in the interests of fairness, hear another side to this story. Since calling on the Humans is out of the question – given their penchant for threatening the Council when their interests are encroached upon – I propose we allow the Rooksa to speak in Humanity’s stead. Any objections?” She looked at her screen. Enibal saw it light up, mostly against her.
She clasped her hands before her and gave a chilling smile. “Well, since the majority of those who have actual sense are in favor of allowing the amended procedure, that is what we shall do.” Her announcement was met with grumbling, and outright shouting, but she pressed on. “Ambassador Talil, you have the floor.”
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Lenovo is proud to bring you the LEGION AFRICA CUP.
A Tournament showcasing the regions best CSGO teams from Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia to Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.
Teams will battle it out over the course of 2 moths with $20,000 worth of prizes to be won!
Do you and your team have what it takes to make it to the top?
Sign up and show us what you're made of!
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please help my parts aren't loading (mods) why is my mods not loading on my ships, the mods are there if you can look in my .logs that would be great, they are all replicas and all of them takes about a week full time on this so i cant loos them.
i have to put the .log in the comments
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Best Female Portable Toilet Best Female Portable Toilet: WeeMate, the best female urine funnel device that allows you to urinate while standing up. It's neat. It's discreet. It's hygienic.
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Here is the Woot Coupon Code
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