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JharSewa: Jharkhand Birth, Death, Caste, Income Certificate Apply online

2021.10.25 05:29 coachanu JharSewa: Jharkhand Birth, Death, Caste, Income Certificate Apply online

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2021.10.25 05:29 LaurentPom New Iron Star model seen on CrazyToys

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2021.10.25 05:29 AlarmSuspicious7719 First shares should arrive at CS this week! Express delivery will be ordered for the snail mails! Then almost the rest is following! 🦍💎🙌🏼🚀

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2021.10.25 05:29 Esaptonor Space RPG 4 progress is a little behind where I wanted it to be, but coming along nicely I think

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2021.10.25 05:29 WeeklyEspionage Alahna Ly - I Want...

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2021.10.25 05:29 rangent Any way to have posts marked as read when viewing image, but not loading entire thread/comments?

Not sure when this changed, but I swear posts used to be marked as read when I viewed the image, and I didn’t have to load the entire post. I searched for a setting for this behavior to no avail. Am I crazy? Is this a thing still?
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2021.10.25 05:29 Sorkiy8 A Great Escape #1295, Big Bear Lake

A Great Escape #1295, Big Bear Lake A Great Escape #1295, Big Bear Lake https://a-great-escape-1295.usa8.info A Great Escape #1295 offers accommodations in Big Bear Lake, 3.6 miles from Big Bear Marina and 4 miles from Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain. The Lakeview Shopping Center is within 2 miles of the vacation home. Big Bear Lake, CA 92314, United States of America
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2021.10.25 05:29 hipdeadpool98 Saitama didn't hold back for Boros- for his final wish

I see it often here. He survived a punch from Saitama. He obviously went easy on him because what he just told him. But why would Saitama do that? He doesn't think his wish is smart at all.
The hm shows his surprise because how can he not be? Someone finally survived.
Again, no respect for him. You don't say blah blah blah blah to someone you don't respect. It even felt insane typing it out four times as it's usually three times. The utter contempt for him.
He's acknowledging it almost is a real fight. This is despite being alone. No one to please in the way he's admitting it. Now if he said it to Boros, that would be different.
Look at how much he destroys. No one would be thinking 'this person can survive this.' so he obviously has an intent to kill here.
Can you imagine saying you're still conscious to someone you were holding back on? If that was the aim, he wouldn't question it. He's finally respecting him because of all he survived.
Now, we just saw Saitama whip out a serious punch. Yet he was still holding back? If he lost control, imagine how much of the world he could destroy if he casually stopped a planet destroying attack with his serious punch.
He has different levels and while he held back his full strength, he had the same killing intent as he would towards monsters. Because he sees Boros as the same as the monsters on the ship. Except the boss.
I'm not saying Boros was a threat to Saitama, but his armour and regeneration kept him alive. His regeneration is stronger than zombie man because he got turned into almost mince meat and came back in under a minute. He died because he had no energy from his final attack.
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2021.10.25 05:29 Repulsive-Song-1810 Help! I need help with designing my questioner!

Hi! So yeah long story short, i designed a questioner for my bacheolrs thesis and my supervisor basically kind of rejected it and told me to redesign it. He had a few comments but nothing too specfic or constructive! Can someone here help me just design the overall outline? The topic is sociology and anthropology - belonging to homeland for the overseas. I can share more details if someone will be willing to give me a little bit of guidance? Much appreciated! Thanking in advance!
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2021.10.25 05:29 acteamosoftware How to increase efficiency | Acteamo

Are you looking for project management and task software? Then catch sight on Acteamo.
Acteamo is the best app for project management and task management software. Acteamo helps in manage tasks, keeps your project on track. You just, push the track button and let acteamo count your operating hours or handle it shortly.
For more details, visit here - https://www.acteamo.com/ or contact us on +41 44 515 54 70.
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2021.10.25 05:29 aadm_bot Sony Alpha 7 IV reforça aposta no vídeo

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2021.10.25 05:29 AppleJewsy Young Yujiro - Muchakuchaya [Osaka Trap] (2020)

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2021.10.25 05:29 gccmelb Third Demons fan jailed in WA for AFL grand final border breach

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2021.10.25 05:29 Sensei_Chicken Shaak Ti? More like Shanked Ti!

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2021.10.25 05:29 Gill217 Battlefield 2042 Old Gen vs New Gen price

Hi guys,, I wondering if anyone knows about this..
The Old gen BF2042 price for XBOX ONE is cheaper than the New Gen BF2042 for XBOX SS/SX. If I was to purchase a digital copy of BF2042 on the old gen and then load it up on my XBOX SX would it give me access to the new gen for free or would I have to purchase the whole game again??
Thanks :)
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2021.10.25 05:29 racoonear tag function to support Ctrl-]/Ctrl-t to jump to/back definition in nvim-lsp?

coc has a tag function :h CocTagFunc() where you can set tagfunc=CocTagFunc and get Ctrl-]/Ctrl-t jump definition support
Is there a similar thing in nvim-lsp?
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2021.10.25 05:29 reddit_feed_bot rt.com: IDF strike on AP tower during Gaza conflict was ‘self-inflicted public relations terror attack,’ former Israeli general says

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2021.10.25 05:29 dafien530 Family story time!

My mom's name is Debbie and my step-dad's name is Gus (I will refer to him as dad) In April of 2019 my dad went in to get a Cat-scan done on his abdomen because he was having pain and they had already done a colonoscopy (he had colon cancer 13 years ago) that turned up clean. Anyway they find he had 5 aneurysms and 2 of them were on veins that if they burst he would die in less than 45 seconds. I don't recall if they sent him t US Davis in Sacramento for emergency surgery. It took about 7 hours. My mother couldn't be at his side because she was bed bound and in severe pain. I was with her, while my dad was having surgery. She was so distraught and consumed with worry. She said "I don't want to live without my Gussy" Yeah that is what my mom called him. Well everything was fine. He spent a week in the hospital, and the next 10 week recovering. I guess it was fairly invasive. What my mother said stuck with me. Later in 2019 (October) we found out my mothers liver was failing and she was suffering from hepatic encephalopathy which can cause permanent brain damage. She was in the hospital for a few weeks then she moved in with my sister because the sister is nurse and could take care of her. She had some cognitive problems for a few months, but by January 2020 she was doing OK She knew she was dying, she was given a time from of 6 months to 5 years in October '20. My sister had to get a bigger place to accommodate my mom and dad and her family, and I helped them move on April 18th 2020.. My mom was little sick, coughing a bit, but she was a life long smoker and it wasn't new. I prodded her about going to the doctor, she said she was going to go the following week.. After we were done BS and moving their stuff, I went home. Over the next few days I was just texting my mom. I called her at 4:32 Pm on April 23 2020 we spoke, and I could tell she wasn't doing well, I again asked her if she had gone to the doctor, she she did (she lied) and that she fine. I said, ok.. we talked a bit more and I told her I loved her and we hung up.. that was the last time I spoke to my mom. Later that night, she started having a coughing fit her liver threw a clot, it went to her lungs and burst. She died choking on her own blood. It was horrific. My oldest child was there and witnessed it.. She still isn't over it. We didn't have a funeral for her right away because of covid. We eventually did, and during her service many of us got up and told stories, I told one about the first day she met one of my best friends (funny story there), who she thought of a son He served in Iraq, you know the strong stoic types. Towards the end I remembered what she told me when my dad was having surgery. She didn't want to live with out her "Gussy", Turns out she never had to. The funny story- My buddy Josh and I had been hanging out at school for a few weeks (this was the 90's) then one day he convinces me to ditch last period. So we do, and then we go back to my house.. The school called and let my mother know I ditched (I guess they saw us) well damn it she hit with a wooden spoon! Upon seeing this, Josh just starts laughing at me!.. My mother always being fair as possible, smacks him too. It shocked him and she said 'that is because you're with him'. I laughed at Josh right back.. so my mom hit me again. Years later, Josh told me it was that moment he felt at home. He was closer to mom than his own. my sisters considered him a brother. Hell, he even picked them on them like I did (the sisters are older) When he shipped off to Iraq my mom was stricken with worry. And so happy when he came home safe. She gave him a BIG hug and said I missed you son. That made him coke up a bit. We went over a lot of stories at her funeral. I have never seen Josh cry before or my dad.. But they did. My sister died just this last August 4th. I thought about my mom. While I do miss my sister so, so much I am glad my mom didn't live to see her daughter pass. My sister was in so much pain. She had a fentanyl pain pump to help manage it.. It hard to say this.. but I am happy she isn't in pain any more. She lived us and we took care of her. I couldn't stand seeing her in so much pain.. It hurt me to see the woman who was my super hero and protector when I was a child, suffering so much. The medical establishment treated her like a drug addict just because she had a fentanyl pain pump.. I have been fairly OK up until the last few days as Halloween is approaching and it was her FAVORITE holiday. Hes in our house Halloween is a holiday. Also her birthday is 2 days after Halloween.. and it 's fucking killing me right now..
For some extra context: my mother died 4/23/20, my great uncle died 18 hours later 4/24/20, my adopted sister's baby daddy his mom died 5/24/20. My friends mom (also named Debbie) died 5/27/20. The sisters baby daddy also had 3 uncles die between June and September 2020. Other friends of the family died between June 2020 and February 2021 Then of course my sister who helped raise me died 8/4/21.. I don't know their DoD or even their names.. My aunt lost her house in September 2020 to the Bearfire.. Just an unbelievable amount of sadness and loss..

TL:DR I don't know where I was going with this post. the people who I normally would talk to died. It is hard to talk to other people.. If you take anything away from this, let it be this, tell the people in your life that you love them. Never ever pass an opportunity up to tell them that EVER!
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2021.10.25 05:29 HugoFire Selling bot with dashboard

I am selling bot with dashboard Made in js, express, ejs And nodejs based I am retiring so I an giving it was any offered price due me For info and live check for it
Discord: Dexter#7094
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2021.10.25 05:29 Shakubougie Here’s my Assignment, Professor. I love this class, I do I do I do!📸

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2021.10.25 05:29 J1NX-P1NK Does anyone know what this is? It smells like something died.

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2021.10.25 05:29 qubit0816 BTL Token - Official Airdrop Campaign is Live!

Hello Everyone, We are proud to announce that our Official Airdrop Campaign is Live!
If you missed the first round of Airdrop, here is another opportunity for you to own the BTL Token
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📑 Additional Information: BITLOCUS is a DeFi investments platform for fiat-based investors that is powered by Terra.
Bitlocus also has an existing centralized exchange that is currently been used by thousands of crypto users monthly.
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2021.10.25 05:29 No_Reporter7249 🦁 X_LIONS_COIN 🦁 Stealth Launch 🦁 Listed On PancakeSwap 🦁Liquidity locked 🦁

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2021.10.25 05:29 Auditorygarbage- [Request] I need gas money to get to work and fix my car.

My car needs new breaks, roters, and calibers. I’ve been driving it with no breaks for the past 3 weeks as I just got a full time job and can’t miss any days. The car hardly stops. I’ve already received my first pay check but by the time I paid my bills it was gone. If I keep driving it in this state it’s only going to cause more damage and I can’t afford another car. This week I can’t even afford gas money to get to work. I’ve asked friends/family for help but everyone is in a tough spot themselves. I would be absolutely great full for anything. I need this job so bad and if I lose it I’m worse off than I am now. I’m at a complete loss here.
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2021.10.25 05:29 swan001 This unusual calligraphy tool

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