Reflection On A Dropped Project, What Will Make You Fail When Making Your First Game.

2021.12.01 07:05 NeedsMoreCoffeee Reflection On A Dropped Project, What Will Make You Fail When Making Your First Game.

I was going through my graveyard of unfinished games and came across a game I had been really excited about making, a mobile and console dungeon maker inspired by top down Zelda Games and Super Mario maker where you could make dungeons, share them online and challenge other players dungeons. I had gotten decently far into the project when I had quit, and was reflecting on why I let all that work go to waste. First, when looking back at why a game failed, it helps to examine what went right and where effort was put in. I created a grid system of 2 layered grid systems for the dungeon creation. I was able to make a custom script that turned each grid into something similar to that of a json file, and then turned said json file back into a player created level. Essentially, all the functionality needed to upload a level and share it with other players was completed. The game has an easy drag system for keys, locked doors, killing enemies and chests. Overall, a lot of the hard programming parts such as inventory, item placements, and chests were in their later phases. So, what went wrong?
Mistake 1: Attempting a project beyond your skill level.
It's fair to say that even starting off, I was pretty confident in my programming, so what would make this beyond my skill level? A lack of experience in handling my scenes, prefabs, video game coding architecture and many more. Being solid at programming and handling the unity editor and game flow are completely different things. A lack of experience ties into all the mistakes listed.
Mistake 2: Poor time management / rushing.
It's not hard to tell from the video that everything seems a bit off. The player and enemies movement, the way keys and doors are dragged and dropped, the scene and assets themselves. It all looks very amateur / indie / beginner. The reason why was because of rushing. Every time I got a functioning part of the game I ran off to do the next. The items get placed? on to player movement. The player moves? on to making items and inventory. There was never a time where I stopped and fine tuned everything to be as close to finished as possible. I kept thinking "this works, I'll rush and finish everything then come back to it to make it fine tuned". All this did was add on to a pile of things I needed to fix. By the time I quit my project, the thought of fixing all these things became so daunting that I couldn't find the motivation to open the project anymore.
Mistake 3: Focused on the idea of the game, not the task at hand.
The reason for quickly trying to speed program a game was I was obsessed with the 'idea' of the completed game. I wanted to be able to make this game and add all these cool features I had in my head. A boss creation system, a battle pass and skin system for characters, weapons and items, multiplayer dungeons and so much more. I was so preoccupied with things that I wasn't working on. When making a game, remember to take it one step at a time.
Mistake 4: Getting upset with the visuals. Putting off what I needed to learn the most.
By the time I quit the game, I couldn't stop looking at how bad the game looked. How awful the lighting was, how bad the walls looked, how terrible the animations were. Instead of proactively taking steps to improve the look of my game, I had this giant mess of a scene. I knew graphics, shaders, modeling, and particle systems were my weak spot and by the time I was going to sit down and work on them, I had buried myself with too much to fix. The burden of the game out weighed the enjoyment I got from making it.
This has already turned into a rant and I'm not sure if this is suited to this sub reddit ,another one or if it belongs on a personal blog. Hoping the mistakes I made back when I started could help someone who's starting out as well. I guess my TLDR is: take your time making a game, really take it step by step and make sure you get perfect the first step before taking the next.
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2021.12.01 07:05 epickid1220 Playlist related question

I have a question, how do I go about making a playlist for my youtube livestreams but then having it automatically place those live streams into the playlist and ALSO making it so the new videos appear at the top of the playlist and not at the bottom. Is this at all possible?
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2021.12.01 07:05 HololootARNFT Week 4 Ambassador tasks

Week 4 Ambassador tasks 🚨 Attention HoloLooters! Your Week 4 Ambassador tasks are ready for assignment!

We're opening testing on the app, so most of the challenges relate to this - we're really excited to be sharing the early version of the app with you all ✨

Check out the image for the challenges, and sign up using the link below👇

Let us know what do you think about new tasks on twitter 👇
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2021.12.01 07:05 prvlad Писательница извинилась перед человеком, которого по ошибке засадила на 16 лет в тюрьму. Элис Себолд изнасиловали в 1982 году. Она дала показания против насильника. Того посадили. Она написала об этом роман "Счастливая" и стала писательницей. А чувак сидел.

Писательница извинилась перед человеком, которого по ошибке засадила на 16 лет в тюрьму. Элис Себолд изнасиловали в 1982 году. Она дала показания против насильника. Того посадили. Она написала об этом роман submitted by prvlad to NoLawRus [link] [comments]

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This sub has 3 members and dead lol
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Hello! Any suggestion where to get ice skates for a 3 year old? Not super expensive cause I guess he'll grow out of them... Is it the one with two blades on each foot that people use? Thanks!
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2021.12.01 07:05 mystery-reader What can I expect?

My husband admitted to me today (I guess yesterday because it’s now the middle of the night) that he is addicted to Adderall and has been for 6+ years. So much so that he has been lying about making car and mortgage payments for years. Our house goes to auction this week (I found out last week). I spent my entire day Monday on the phone with banks, sheriff offices, and debt collecting offices pursuing fraud and/or bank error issues to stop the sale while my husband was at work and telling me he thought he was getting let go (his company has been going through very public layoffs).
Fast forward to Tuesday. My husband called to tell me our car was repossessed when he went into the grocery store. I had known about issues with the car payment and he had told me he was getting the information so we could just pay it off and be done with it.
I had a planned day off pto Monday so Tuesday I was having to make calls and run to banks between meetings. I was getting ready to go pull a couple years’ of statements out of the account where the mortgage was getting paid from when my husband finally confessed. He has spent every penny he made (the mortgage money) over the past couple years on adderall. Covid stopped foreclosures so he was able to get the mail ahead of me and hide it. He was fired months ago for not showing up to work while maintaining his “work schedule” to use that time to hunt down more Adderall, sometimes driving 5 hours round trip to get some. I don’t know where he was all day Monday.
We have a place to go. I opened a new checking account that only I will have access to. He doesn’t know about it (how much am I supposed to keep secret and for how long? Eventually he will realize the money is gone from our joint account even with me transferring a small amount of funds in there). We have 3 kids ranging from toddler to middle schooler and I’m 33wks pregnant with our 4th (that we tried for months for because things were starting to look up as far as I could see last year).
He says he doesn’t want to lose me out the kids. I don’t want to lose him because I love him and care about him. I’m scared he’s already gone. He says he hasn’t had Adderall in 6 days. He slept all day today and has been more tired than his sleep Level the past week would justify, so I think I believe him. I don’t know what Adderall withdrawal looks like. Apparently I’ve seen it a time or two, but I didn’t know what I was seeing at the time.
I called my EAP and they are sending addiction counselor referrals as well as some family resources for me. I can talk to my dad about practical things like the foreclosure, moving timelines, deciding if it’s worth reclaiming the car (I don’t know how long it’s been since payments stopped. We should theoretically be about 6 months away from paying it off, but I have a feeling we actually owe way more than it’s worth the effort right now). I can cry to my mom about how I’m feeling. I can reach out to my Mill for love and support as well.
I don’t know how to process addiction. I have no one to talk to about that while I wait on EAP. I feel so dumb, naive, broken, and lost.
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I was able to get to loading screen for like 1 min, it was stuck at 0% so I refreshed it and it went back to maintenance hahahhah. GIMME 1000K CC FOR THIS LEGENDSSSSSS
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2021.12.01 07:05 xs_noize WHITE LIES share new single ‘I Don’t Want To Go To Mars’ from forthcoming sixth album

White Lies today share I Don’t Want To Go To Mars, the latest track from their forthcoming sixth album, As I Try Not To Fall Apart, which is released on [PIAS] on Friday, February 18th 2022.
Talking about I Don’t Want To Go To Mars, which follows the release of the title track of the album in September, Charles Cave of the band said:
"I Don't Want To Go To Mars has all the distorted bombast of White Lies best anthems neatly packed into a short story. The song follows a character seemingly being herded off Earth to live out a sterile and mundane existence on a newly colonised Mars. Fundamentally the song questions the speed at which we are developing the world(s) we inhabit, and what cost it takes on our wellbeing."
The track is accompanied by a DIY video put together by the band, about which Jack of White Lies said:
Although the song wasn't due an official video, we felt the strong imagery of the lyrics really leant itself towards a visual accompaniment. Using old archive footage, an iPhone, and our very own DIY spirit, we have pieced together a visual narrative to run alongside the song. A full force rebuttal of a concept that's stalked people around the world for generations now; that the grass will be greener on the other side - of the galaxy.
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never had this issue pre update. A lot of noticeable frame drops when either driving or literally just walking around in los santos
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Jeg har brugt en halv time herinde på af finde hoved og hale i alting, og nu skal jeg på arbejde 😭 Fatter stadig intet. Vil nogle dejlige mennesker komme med et simpelt recap, på hvad der er foregået herinde sidste døgn? ❤️
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