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Panoramic radiograph

2022.01.29 02:22 Optimal-Ad8189 Panoramic radiograph

Hi guys, asa dani sa cdo maka paniramic xray for teeth? And how much usually ang price? Thank you!
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2022.01.29 02:22 thiccboiwithcrocs someone didn't airdrop you this

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2022.01.29 02:22 Toby_Woby Help with graphics

I'm new to the game and am playing on PC. I have my graphics settings all the way up and my game looks somewhat hazy and bright but not like a gamma issue, any tips?
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2022.01.29 02:22 WaldoTheRanger 7 Poop tweets. 4 Penis tweets. 1 popcorn (i.e., watch the fireworks) tweet


Source that I noticed this from:

See yall on monday. I have a good feeling about this.
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2022.01.29 02:22 mrgotdank Slurricane #7 day 35 in flower ending wk 4

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2022.01.29 02:22 Ok_Implement8768 Wideee. DM to talk about her

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2022.01.29 02:22 Rain2soft 2 bal pets from 1 boss

2 bal pets from 1 boss
what are the odds?
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2022.01.29 02:22 roboticnurse I’ll have already forgotten you

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2022.01.29 02:22 NFT4Present The ManusCrypt game

The ManusCrypt game 🛠ManusCrypt NFT Shop development is coming to an end!🤓 🔸All NFT cards will be on our own market🔥
⏳Subsequently, ManusCrypt NFT Shop will become a marketplace and you will be able to sell and change purchased and won cards without leaving the ManusCrypt ecosystem🚀
The ManusCrypt project was based on three principles - earnings, training and entertainment. The modern world quickly carries us to the future, and the conditions of modern realities are changing very quickly. Our project was created to teach people to use their intellectual and material resources to the maximum, to bring them closer and acquaint them with blockchain technology and the work of smart contracts, and all this in the format of a dynamic and exciting game!
Pre-sale is going https://anyx.app/project/MANUSCRYPT
You can familiarize yourself with the smart contract at the link ➡️ https://bscscan.com/token/0xb78fe90960e454f22e66eac1da12a9c67a271fc5

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2022.01.29 02:22 bajungadustin Really liking this game but dont think I can continue due to no way to remove ads.

I generally play games with ads until I decide if I feel like its good enough for me to devote some time into. Then I pay whatever 1 time fee and remove the ads and keep going.. But if this game has a way to remove ads I cant find it and they are so annoying. like at one point it was every single time I played a song I had to watch an ad.
Ide rather pay $20 and just remove ads. take my money.
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2022.01.29 02:22 No-Professional-1427 Come watch me play games like fortnite, league of legends, Minecraft and many more! @jaydengarcia21

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2022.01.29 02:22 EvilicousBanana Im lost here and I need some help

Im a new player and I've completed the saya's vigil quest and now I have to do the venus junction and Ive completed most of the requirements for the venus junction except for the endo part. but inorder to access the endo i need to complete the mars junction which needs me to do a mission on mercury even though i need the mars junction to do so. Unless im a lizard brained trogladyte and im missing something
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2022.01.29 02:22 ElevenGhoster Became available around couple months ago! 😄

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2022.01.29 02:22 unbanphillipdev New player; How do I get the mig-21 for assault horizon enchanced edition?

on youtube there are people playing the mig-21 but I dont see it in the aircraft viewer. any help? thank you!
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2022.01.29 02:22 aditbhatia7 How much battery does your iPhone lose overnight?

I see everyone saying iPhones lose almost nothing on standby, but mine loses about 20% overnight when I haven't touched it all night.
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2022.01.29 02:22 Wkr_Gls desert sky looking real nice

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2022.01.29 02:22 CauliflowerInfamous5 After every worrying thought about this job I now follow it with “Fire me!”.

My job was impacting my health to the point where I’d rather have been fired than landed in the hospital. Ever since I have followed every worry with a loud “Fire me!” and somehow saying this releases me from my bonds.
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2022.01.29 02:22 magdy-abdelsalam-67 Analysts: More sanctions against Russia backfire on the European economy and banking system

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2022.01.29 02:22 finn4chicken Giving feedback to head setter

I feel like I’m in a really tough spot. How do I give negative feedback to my head setter without being disrespectful. There are so many things on my mind and I feel like it would come across as an attack. There are standards that are falling short and someone needs to point them out. I have only a year of experience, so in a way I feel like I lack credibility. How do I communicate without sounding like I’m better than them or know everything? After all, I really do respect them and that’s why I want to hold them to a higher standard.
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2022.01.29 02:22 Erukio Going back to uni.. what’s the move?

I graduated from university with a failed degree in 2020.
I owe almost 100k usd in student loans.
Going back to school seems to be the only option as I’m not making enough to support myself or my family. What should I be going back to school for that the job market is hot for?
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2022.01.29 02:22 hotSlaze Maggie not dying is bullshit

Just started watching season 11 episode 2 and saw that Maggie survived. Of course I knew she wasnt dead, but how did she come out of that without even a bite? Its so stupid, she had like 4 walkers on her, but magically she escaped without a scratch. She must have the strongest flesh in the land. Theres no reason to even have that scene there if nothing is going to happen to her anyway, other than to raise the tension between Negan and her, but the tension was already there.
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2022.01.29 02:22 Apprehensive_Alps441 Obsession or normal?

I'm a 15f in highschool, and theres this guy I've been curious about. I only started glancing at him because I like long hair, and he's got it. I find myself thinking about him a lot, sometimes between periods I go through the senior hallways on my way to a class, hoping to see him. I try talking to him, but having an irregular heartbeat makes it difficult, because I almost can't breathe when I'm near him. Ive talked to him only twice but i find myself looking him up. I'm ashamed of looking for him but I sometimes find myself doing just that? Am I creepy? How do I stop if I'm being weird? I don't want to make him uncomfortable, and if he doesn't want me that's fine. I just don't know if this is normal.
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2022.01.29 02:22 topgear9123 People of Reedit, what are your thoughts on the great state of Ohio?

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2022.01.29 02:22 SBV_3004 Strong focus on what I want.

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2022.01.29 02:22 ScarcityHead8926 '82 CB650SC Restoration. No Spark. Advice?

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