On Cam: Un mensaje del Maestro Daoras Son

2022.01.29 00:44 EPC7753 On Cam: Un mensaje del Maestro Daoras Son

On Cam: Un mensaje del Maestro Daoras Son
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2022.01.29 00:44 Thelordshober22 So me (15M) and my girlfriend (15F) are doing great, but she is somewhat insecure. Should I let her make the first move on more touchy subjects?

Touchy subjects include: Kissing, Cuddling, Hand-Holding, Sleepovers, and Dates
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2022.01.29 00:44 needlesinmyeyes I drew Melania.

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2022.01.29 00:44 bamisbig My survival world after about two months

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2022.01.29 00:44 vandeltarose Marriage

Christians often claim that marriage should only be between one man and one woman. (Obviously they say this to denegrate same-sex marriage.) However, in the Bible there are several examples of prominent men having more than one wife. Monogamy is not the only biblical defintion of marriage. It is however the only legal form of marriage today because polygamy is shunned upon in our culture.
Polygamists are deemed criminals because monogamy has taken precedence. Polygamy is currently considered primitive, and perhaps rightly so. Christians, with the exception of some religious groups abide by this law. But why should they if their Scriptures allow for polygamy?
The reason they do, and should, is because culture defines marriage, not God and not the Bible. Culture is becoming more accepting of same-sex marriage. In the country I was born, raised and still reside in legalized same-sex marriage many years ago. Religious groups opposed to this have no legal justification. Religion is not a valid excuse for preventing homosexual couples from marrying just as no one has the legal right to marry multiple wives. It is primitive to claim marriage should be reserved for heterosexual couples. And, I would add it's hateful.
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2022.01.29 00:44 3dabestna How to Install Shaderpacks to Minecraft

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2022.01.29 00:44 alohajerky EW LORE QUESTION: Aetherial Sea

So we know that Hydaelyn crafted the moon to ferry the people off world in search of a potential new home amongst the stars (a new habitable planet) - my question is that it's repeatedly stated that once a person dies their soul returns to the aetherial sea (which in my understanding is intrinsically tied to the planet itself i.e.Hydaelyn)
How then would the eorzean people be reincarnated and/or new souls be born if Hydaelyn and her reflections were to perish? Saying that hypothetically all the people were able to relocate to a new planet suitable for life, wouldn't they all just go extinct since all souls would have lost their connection to the aetherial sea? Assuming each planet has similar mechanics in terms of birthing and reincarnating their own native souls, it doesn't necessarily mean that an eorzean would be able to integrate into this other worldly system since any eorzean would be an alien and their soul a foreign substance.
Any thoughts, theories, or in game lore is much appreciated. Really interested in hearing from everyone!
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2022.01.29 00:44 Factal_Fractal Fell in love with this randomly at a local gas station. Notice the pop top roof - what a unit 🥵

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2022.01.29 00:44 tacobellshits420 How to ship turntable

I need to send my Pro-Ject turntable back to an authorized repair place for a warranty repair. I do not have the original box, and customer support wasn’t able to provide any packing tips for different packaging.
Any suggestions?
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2022.01.29 00:44 noided234356543256 Is it possible to make a custom hologram avatar?

ive seen tutorials for other types of avatars but not for holograms.
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2022.01.29 00:44 jrs1980 Okay then, byeeeeee.

I'm mostly offline. I sit available on two queues, both are low volume. One has about 10 people staffed (Queue1), the other has 3 people (Queue2). Queue2 involves very specialized training, as in managers will defer to our opinion, and will generally set up a cb if none of us are in.
I got a call on Queue1 tonight for someone who is calling about the specialized Queue2 subject. This was about seven minutes before I was done for the day. (Note: the two others who staff Queue2 already went home. I also don't ever flaunt that I'm a Queue2 guy when on Queue1, or transfer to myself or anything, I just work the call like normal.)
Cx had a lot of questions. I answered said questions. Cx lied to me about her situation, cx got snotty when I easily disproved her lie. Cx very much did not like my answers, bc we weren't going to give her what she wanted. Cx therefore wanted to talk to a manager.
Well yes ma'am, of course, here's a manager, hope you weren't wanting to talk to the manager about your Queue2 issue, cuz I am now punched out!!
It was a fabulous way to end my week.
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2022.01.29 00:44 Vaultvigilante H: 100+ 3* mostly wight reduced script weapons W: godrolls or leather coat. thanks

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2022.01.29 00:44 dftitterington Water droplet creating a hole in glass powder

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2022.01.29 00:43 PKBeam64 You can use your capture card and PC to upscale Legends: Arceus to 60 FPS for a smoother viewing experience

If you're used to playing games at 60 FPS or higher, it might be difficult getting accustomed to PL:A's 30 FPS cap.
If you also have a capture card lying around, then you can use it to enhance the framerate of your Switch games.
I've been playing with this tweak since yesterday and it works very well for me, so hopefully this can help out some of you guys too.
The process is a bit complicated:

Here's a short video demonstrating the difference between the original 30 FPS and the interpolated 60 FPS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3gClzZWc7A
Most of the motion in the game becomes smoother (especially camera movement), but you do get a bit of input lag and this sadly can't do too much about the frame rate drops the game sometimes has.
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2022.01.29 00:43 selfdrivingcars360 (video) GM CEO Mary Barra takes her first driverless ride

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2022.01.29 00:43 SkepticDrinker Medusa with big boobs would turn no man to stone

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2022.01.29 00:43 basicpotato_ To the Boy whom I met online LET'S NOT SPEAK AGAIN !

Hi Courtney ! I've been watching your videos for over a year now and I'm already a huge fan of yours . I'm sorry it's long not as serious as the other ones i see in your videos
Ok so i have a fanpage on Instagram and i have many online friends who are really good and they've been my friends for about 4 years now . i'm 18 btw.
so last year i spoke to this one guy who had a fanpage for someone else and he seemed pretty good to talk to and i thought he'd be a good friend. He was good at the beginning but somewhere around 3/4 months of us talking he started asking me where I lived and to send me some selfies cause he wanted to see my face . I didn't it tho cause that just seemed way to weird . He stopped asking after that but he started asking again . He said i won't judge you but that's not the matter honestly. Just the way keeps asking me to send him photos is weird . He even tried manipulating me into sending him photos but i didn't.
He even threatened that he'd spread rumours about me . So i just blocked him and reported his acc and asked my friends to do the same . I believe he followed me from the new fake accounts he made. And that still creeps me out. So to this guy i wanna say let's never speak again
So guys pleaseee stay safe online and be careful who you speak to
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2022.01.29 00:43 Creative-Dig-2192 Happy friday!

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2022.01.29 00:43 blackberryuser Rolex Appraisal Service

Where can I find someone to appraise my watch? Insurance purposes and replacement value.
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2022.01.29 00:43 paralite What happens if I need to go on campus but I don't have my booster shot yet?

Turns out I need to go to one of my classes this week but the earliest I can schedule one is Thursday; is it a big deal if I am not boosted? Kinda poor planning on my part but the whole in person/hybrid decisions were made pretty late by professors too so /shrug
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2022.01.29 00:43 AbbreviationsNo627 My Schiity tube testing setup. Gonna see how much of my tube rolling is snake oil!

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2022.01.29 00:43 Calm-Design Toilet fill valve/foghorn sound

Hey there everyone. The toilet in my apartment has been squealing and tonight it made like a loud frightening buzzing/foghorn sound first time it’s done this. It doesn’t always squeal it’s intermittent like I would say maybe 75% of the time.
I googled and it says eventually the fill valve will fail or a ball cock/washer needs to be replaced.
What I’m wondering is if I don’t fix this how concerning is it? I told my landlords of the situation but they just looked at me like I was crazy saying they just replaced the toilet a couple years ago it’s a new toilet so it should be fine! So when I told them what I found could be the problem they just shrugged it off and didn’t care.
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2022.01.29 00:43 CopeSeetheCope imperialism is when Eastern Europe asks for an alliance with you

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2022.01.29 00:43 climatecarver Project Arrow Featured in the Toronto Star

“The battery is the most expensive part of the car, and there are still questions around battery longevity in Canada’s cold climate.”
Guess the author didn’t take the time to interview the folks making the battery?
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2022.01.29 00:43 Icy_Guidance Solo level D-09-3, "laser time" is living breathing proof that the people who designed the levels are A++HOLES.

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