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I know this is a stupid question

2022.01.29 01:05 MarrionberryJam I know this is a stupid question

I'm in Abu Dhabi right now and everyone in my home tested positive. All of us acquired COVID simultaneously from the same person. Today, I tested negative but my roommate tested positive. Are they a close contact? Can I leave isolation?
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2022.01.29 01:05 Cheeseburger_490 Stage queens❤

Amongst the women in kpop who do you think are the best performers (dancing, singing, stage presence evrything combined) Me being a blink I would say all the members of blackpink😁...but I also loooove the girls in Mamamoo❤❤
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2022.01.29 01:05 HowardJDuck Sears: We're 'Challenging' Politicians Who Deny Poor Kids School Choice and Send Their Kids to Private School

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2022.01.29 01:05 BeginningCheetah8191 Hi I send some usdc (avalanche ) from MetaMask to coinbase wallet and I can’t transfer it to coinbase. Anyone know how to send usdc to coinbase? The usdc has a avalanche symbol next to it.

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2022.01.29 01:05 perfectoffensive Young Boy Seduce Hairy Step-Mom to Get First Fuck

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2022.01.29 01:05 HowardJDuck Exclusive — Rep. Greg Murphy: GOP Doctors Caucus Is 'Infuriated' that Fauci's Policy 'Has All Been About Vaccination' and Not Therapeutics

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2022.01.29 01:05 politicly1 Poll Shows Majority in US Want Diplomacy, Not War With Russia Over Ukraine

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2022.01.29 01:05 dimduck221 *ruins every single movie stream by being a stupid fucking jackass*

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2022.01.29 01:05 NotSvInsane A question that may sound stupid.

Do all puppies take 90% of your time? Cause my chihuahua puppy wont let me take a rest , he just likes to bite me , run around and harassing my older chihuahua. I bought him 'diapers' for him and yet he stills pees in my bed and sofa. I need answers and tips , asap.
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2022.01.29 01:05 Oz347 Saw a mouse awhile back now I see multiple mice. In a rental home with not a lot of options

Saw one mouse a week or two ago, put out poison traps. I would find a bit of droppings and chewed through bags of food, but would clean and get rid of any food that was in the open. Today, I saw two of them moving around (in broad daylight) then they even came in to the living room while my partner and I were in there. I believe I saw a third smaller one by themselves. Just noticed droppings on a sweatshirt that was in the hamper in the laundry room
We do not own and our lease is up shortly. Just contacted landlords a few hours ago, but they are notoriously been when it comes to getting things done expeditiously. They always want to use “their guy” and find the “best price” our ceiling was leaking and, and gutters would cause water to pool and deep into the basement which then caused mold to form. and it took 6 weeks and 2 health inspector visits for them to do anything about it.
The house is incredibly old and poorly maintained, there are innumerable ways for the mice to get in. How do we handle this?
We will have the keys to the new place in a couple of weeks, how can we best keep our stuff from getting chewed up/crapped on until we can get out of this garbage house?
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2022.01.29 01:05 Maratocarde Be very careful about taking a high D3 dose - I have tennis elbow because of it

In the past I reported in this thread that I had calcific tendonitis in my left shoulder:
Basically I always took 2000 IU and back in 2017-2018 I was able to increase my 30ish ng/DL leves to 40, 45. For vitamin D. Then I stopped for 1 year. Levels dropped to 31. Decided to take 4000 IU daily (with K2 and mag) for 6 months.
1 month before my 1st incident (first ever, I must add) I added a nut milk rich in calcium. Big mistake, because D-3 increases calcium absorption, so it was the most idiotic thing EVER to do this at one side with D-3 and at the other with a diet rich in calcium. Or it was a specific nut milk or ingredient called tricalcium phosphate that messed everything (note: there are nut milks with 10x less the same 330 mg per 200 ml serving this one had).
After this 1st incident (which had the most unbearable pain a human being can experience, I even needed to a cortisone injection to make it less awful) I dropped every supplement I was taking (D-3 included) and the pain was 100% gone. Of course continued to take magnesium. (Note: if you take any D-3 dose without MAG and K2 you are also being a fool, because they are both extremely important to prevent this soft tissue calcification).
For several months I wasn't taking any D-3. When I had this tendonitis incident I measured 50 ng/DL in my blood. It wasn't (I am sure) the 4000 IU D-3 which triggered this: it was a combination of stuff from the diet (dairy included) and the supplement. Read this bit:
We actually need HALF the calcium most sources say. And of course we need to cut back on calcium if we take D-3. If you do dairy, don't exaggerate or do often.
Now skip to 2021-22. 2 persons of my family had COVID. I wasn't taking, as I said, any D-3/K-2. Then I decided to do both, but this time with a 10K dose.
This is what I took:
#1 - D-3 = 10 000 IU + 200 mcg K2 MK7 + 200 mg MAG bisglycinate + 2 mg from P-5-P (vit. B6)
#2 - 1 g from vitamin C + 22 mg of zinc picolinate + 2 mg of cooper bisglycinate
Within less than 15 days I started feeling in my right arm what is known as TENNIS ELBOW. But note I never had this problem in my entire life. And I am 37 years old.
Now I am about to do an ultrasound scan again, and blood tests, to measure D levels, calcium and uric acid. What I am 99.9% sure is that this dose caused hypercalcemia. There's no way it can be something else.
1-2 months ago I took my 2nd Pfizer shot, and felt funny in my right arm. I thought this was because I stopped almost 2 years going to a gym. Which I went on a daily basis. You know, a sedentary lifestyle and perhaps a temporary discomfort from the vaccine. Or it wasn't applied correctly in my arm.
The ultrasound revealed I still have calcium deposits in my left shoulder. Yet before I decided to take 10K IU from D-3, no sign of any pain or anything wrong in any muscle or bone of my body. Everything 100% gone. And has been since 2020, when I had that 1st incident.
So, to sum things up, this tennis elbow is undoubtedly (once I do the tests I'll inform here, subscribe to this thread for a future update) the ultimate proof we can't overdose on vitamin D and listen to all health gurus which say we need 40-60 ng/DL or even more in our blood.
I am sure this isn't the case for many people, and my body didn't react well to so much over a so short period. Perhaps in a distant future I can take D-3 again, say, 2000 IU daily with K-2, and only if my levels drop below 40 ng/DL. Right now I am really pissed that for the 2nd time this sort of thing happened.
Just to give you an idea of what my injury feels like, imagine feeling painful if you close your hand or tries to lift 4 lbs. I hope that in the next week (or weeks) this goes away. It's sad this happened with me. I am also giving half or a full dose eventually to a few parents, that didn't complain about anything. They probably are more deficient. Once my pills are all over, I don't plan to buy this shit anymore. I recognize the importance of vitamin D, but I am extremely annoyed to find out what "hypercalcemia" looks like from my own personal experiences, because some idiots thought it was OK to recommend high doses without medical supervision and doing blood tests every X months.
I am calling these "health gurus" imbeciles because they think we all need high doses, or that a lot of factors aren't important to mention, which can or cannot induce stuff like tendonitis. Imagine if you are young yet feels like you are some old guy with arthritis. These people should be jailed for being so irresponsible.
TLDR; never take more vitamin D than you need unless you want to discover the meaning of the word "agony".
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2022.01.29 01:05 Mindstrems Vausch never lies about the DSM, its a serious issue...

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2022.01.29 01:05 HowardJDuck Raskin: Trump 'Owes' January 6 Probe 'His Testimony'

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2022.01.29 01:05 Skycam3014 rare birth control

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2022.01.29 01:05 lemachet 5th birthday cake my partner made for our daughter

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2022.01.29 01:05 widespread_kanuck What to do with new FB marketplace snags?

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2022.01.29 01:05 HowardJDuck Biden Will Send Troops to Eastern Europe ‘In the Near Term’

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2022.01.29 01:05 StarrieCloud Pibby my beloved✨

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2022.01.29 01:05 HowardJDuck MSNBC’s Reid: Republicans Using 'Hitler' Tactics to Exploit 'White Grievance and Rage'

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2022.01.29 01:05 StrikingChest1237 Those poor cones

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2022.01.29 01:05 santamuerte777 Tips for manifestation

  1. preserve your seggsual energy (nofap)
  2. Have patience and dont throw a tantrum when things dont go your way because youre trying to change things on the material plane which requires energy and time
  3. Depending on your own seggsual/kundalini/serpentine energy the quicker you're going to be able to change timelines, your magick is dependent on timeline shifts primarily with your own energetic body being able to change into the timeline where the result that youre looking for becomes manifest. Increase your power and look for ways to increase your serpentine energy.
  4. Get rid of limiting beliefs that may be present in your conscious and subconscious so you can access more creative seggsual energy.
  5. What you seek, seeks you, if you are truly seeking to focus on your development and growing and changing and putting in the effort to do so you will find power. The ability to change timelines.
  6. "Seek and you shall find" even if it takes months.
  7. Put intention and purpose behind your manifestation, think: how does this serve me, how does this change my life, what good will come from this manifestation, how much do i want this.
  8. Meditating can accelerate results because when you silence your mind you're allowing the path of least resistance to take place
  9. Be patient, everything happens for a reason, sometimes the challenges and pain you're going through is for the evolution and growth of your soul, think, why did you come to earth except to learn?
  10. If you're struggling right now, i'm proud of you for trying, striving, youre on the right path, dont doubt yourself. You made it this far, true satisfaction and completion is on the horizon. Look into the law of polarity. Its always darkest just before the dawn.
  11. Learn how to be satisfied without trying to fill the void, your ego will never be satisfied because it always wants something new, let go of your ego, your ego will exhaust you.
  12. If you are manifesting something based on what your ego wants and it does not serve your highest good/evolution, ask yourself if this is what you really want. The answer is no, because once you obtain that thing you will feel empty again. But, it doesnt have to be that way, there is something out there that is aligned with your true inner will and you will find it. You will much much more likely manifest the thing waaaaaay quicker if its actually something that is good for your soul because you can connect with it deeper and ascribe meaning to it rather than "my ego demands this so it must be done" and then it just ends up being disappointing when you actually get it. If the thing youre manifesting doesnt excite your soul and make you feel a deep sense of contentness and happiness then it will perturb you. Hint, if the thing serves your evolutionary purpose, then its for you. Listen to your heart, what is it that you really want to do? Sure, financial stability and beauty is something everyone desires but, think beyond the mundane... what truly quenches the thirst of your soul?
  13. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. :) that said, this journey may strip you bare and make you reborn. it forces you to look inwards, embrace your unconscious/subconscious, shadow, forcing you to change your habits or negative self talk, may force you go into different circumstances and situations. The more you control your internal the more control you have control over the external.
  14. Do everything from pure intentions, and the world will be on your side. The intention to reach your highest potential.
  15. Some things may manifest quicker than others, this is dependent on a lot of things, like your emotional attachment to the belief you have of the thing. You will likely not physically witness the thing you want changing right before your eyes because I believe what you focus on or give attention to impacts your manifestation, so I do believe this involves staring at a mirror if its a physical beauty manifestation. However you can visualize/use methods and then see it unfold.
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2022.01.29 01:05 Earth759 Does anyone have an educative account that I could share?

I'm not sure if the learning style is up my alley but I'd like to browse to see i could learn something new
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2022.01.29 01:05 WorldNewsinPictures Russ Became The FIRST Laker With a 30-point Half Since Kobe Bryant Did it in His Final Game.

Russ became the FIRST Laker with a 30-point half since Kobe Bryant did it in his final game. Needed to drive to basket last shot of the game and draw foul.... MORE -> https://worldnewsinpictures.com/russ
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2022.01.29 01:05 HowardJDuck GOP Rep. McCaul: Biden Overseeing 'Probably the Largest Human Trafficking Event in My Lifetime'

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2022.01.29 01:05 suunnnnyd Italian Americans of Reddit, how often do you get asked if you have mafia ties?

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