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Syren 50 Motor Controller, any one using it? I’m looking for tips on using multiple input types.

2022.01.29 00:40 Jatsin Syren 50 Motor Controller, any one using it? I’m looking for tips on using multiple input types.

I have a Syren 50 single motor on trolly on a rail it’s working with an RC receiver, but I’d like to add buttons on the trolly to move it, in addition to the RC controller, I also want to add bumper and range stops that I assume will be switches that open the RC signal and stop the call to move, I’m ok if the buttons on the trolly over ride the numbers and RC inputs but I’d also like an Emergancy stop, and I think it should be on control side but may have to be power side. Not sure, I think the e stop on power side might be bad for the board.
Any advise would be awesome! (First post on this sub)
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2022.01.29 00:40 dragoninmyanus You can't read this display if you're not at the correct angle

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2022.01.29 00:40 TheEverExpanding Extrusion of gutta-percha into sinus cavity? Risk of Aspergillus? #14

Extrusion of gutta-percha into sinus cavity? Risk of Aspergillus? #14
I had a root canal done a year and a half ago and approximately 6 months or so after developed pressure and a numb feeling right above my #14 which had the treatment. It increased in intensity and area size I called my dentist. They advised that I go and see the endodontist who performed the root canal treatment.
The endo took a few X-rays and did a couple of tests and went over everything with me after stating that it looked great and everything was healing wonderfully. He made a casual comment that there was some "residual debris" from the procedure. At the end of things, he told me that he wasn't sure what was wrong. That everything looked great and that maybe I was developing allergies or a sinus problem. He said if I was still concerned I should go see an ENT specialist.
Shortly after I requested my X-rays and medical records as something wasn't sitting right with me. I have looked at the X-ray and I think there is extrusion of the gutta-percha which is what he was referring to as "residual debris".
The last few months I have occasionally had small amounts of thick white mucus that only comes out of my left nostril along and noticed a weird sinus tenderness when rubbing my eye that encompasses my left inner cheek area. Several weeks ago I randomly started coughing and coughed up a chunk of greenish tan sputum. I remember thinking that it was really random because I didn't feel sick or congested. I felt fine so I carried on. I will admit I have had felt like I have been short of breath now and then and easily winded. Which, I also have been blowing off thinking that it was just that I was out of shape from the holiday season and needed to hit the gym.
I have had an increase in numbness and abnormal sensations in my maxillary area into my lower occipital and temple regions the last week. Today the feeling changed and felt like a cool breeze going through the tissue or someone pouring ice water between my skin and facial bones. It caused me to worry enough to start looking more into things wondering if I possibly had nerve damage etc. When going over different journals and case studies of extruded gutta-percha I kept seeing that it was important to remove it right away especially in the sinus cavity to avoid Aspergillus.
I felt like the puzzle pieces started falling into place and making sense. I also strongly feel like I have "WebMD-its" and that I am just paranoid. I have a medical background and I have had to talk so many patients down from getting themselves all worked up after Googling symptoms and thinking that they have some crazy disease or that they are dying. The last thing I ever want to do is take time or resources from someone else just to be the boy who cried wolf.
I am a young guy who could lose a few pounds and hit the gym more but healthy overall. I don't smoke, only a special occasion drinker (less than 6 times a year).
I greatly appreciate your time reading this (sorry for the novel) and truly do value your insights and thoughts.
Thank you so much!
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2022.01.29 00:40 SituationAmazing2573 Somebody Help! I started using “Phrasing” as a joke, and now I don’t think I’ll be able to stop!

Just one of many examples from my friend group: “We need something to stick in there.” Me, “Phrasing, boom!”
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2022.01.29 00:40 Weezerfreak Interesting visual bug I encountered

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2022.01.29 00:40 ItsLegion Damn it, John.

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2022.01.29 00:40 TravelingMonk Should I buy PC, PS5, or XBOX version?

not really looking for graphics or whatnot, mainly looking for deal and stability. its just a long ass story anyways. For my 9 year old daughter, so I'll be doing the play through by following walk through online.
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2022.01.29 00:40 Taminator1776 Why do I like Marin so much ... oh

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2022.01.29 00:40 -ZefpheX- Took Some World Race Paint Job Screenshots in FH5...Really loving these!

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2022.01.29 00:40 usernamealredygone mus 95e

I'm enrolled in the class and it isn't on canvas. Is there a reason why this class isn't available on Canvas? I haven't received any updates or emails about it. Should I drop it? I enrolled based on the recommendation from another user that it was an easy A.
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2022.01.29 00:40 ballajb1 Just joined the Chevy family. 2022 RST Z71

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2022.01.29 00:40 dontneedtoknow31213 Whats a good career path

Ik a lot of people will say trades they are a turn off. Long hours high physical activity low reward. (“ you don’t wanna work” not in trades no, I’ve tried it.) from what I see most college degrees don’t actually pay that well. I’m 23 I’m like frozen af and have to pick a lane soon. Ik it’s not to late for anything in my situation my mom takes care of my niece and nephew bc my sister is suicidal, and I help a lot with that so I don’t see my self going homeless soon. None the less I’d like to figure out WTF IM DOING WITH MY LIFE. Idc if it’s your anecdotal story just want ideas and a good feel for what the market is actually fucking like.
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2022.01.29 00:40 DudeFromNowhere992 I got away with a pretty serious crime years ago. AMA.

Obviously I won't bring up details. (names, specific dates, locations, stuff like that). I feel reflective tonight.
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2022.01.29 00:40 vishnunuk Run Your Android Phone as Local Offline Network Speed Test Server.

Run Your Android Phone as Local Offline Network Speed Test Server. OpenSpeedTest-Server is here to help you to improve your internet experience.
Test Your WiFi (Wireless) or Ethernet Connection (Wired Connection) and Fix your local network before pointing fingers towards your ISP for a slow and sluggish internet experience.
Are you experiencing slow internet? Endless buffering? Probably due to congested wifi channel. You may need to change your WiFi router location or adjust your router settings.
An application for launching HTML5 Network Speed Test Server. You can Conduct download/upload speed tests from any device within your network with a web browser that is IE10 or new.
Introducing Network Speed Test Server for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac & Linux!. For Headless/large-scale deployments, Docker image and Source Code are available.
How to use OpenSpeedTest Network Speed Test Server?
You need two device in between your WiFi router. Run OpenSpeedTest Server App on one device and connect directly to your router, if it's a wireless device, put it within 1.5 meter.
Navigate to the URL shown from OpenSpeedTest Server App from the second device.
Please Share Your Feedbacks.
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2022.01.29 00:40 Koalafications123 [Watch Help] One More Watch - $250 Limit

Ladies and gentleman, I have a predicament… I’ve been given the green light by the powers that be (my lovely wife) that I can spend $250 on a new watch for myself and that will be the last for me. She said she knows what watches I like, the style I have, and where to get them… so she said watches now become gifts that are from her and will be special rather than just another thing to spend money on. I can’t argue — I, among 97% of all of you, have a watch problem.
Now, I have a small collection. Not expensive by most standards here on this sub but it’s mine and I enjoy it. It consists of a watch i modded myself (modded Invicta pro diver, aftermarket dial, hands, bezel insert, new sapphire crystal that took 4 months to source and another 3 to get…), a watch I got married in (grandfathers 1960 Hamilton Seaman he gave me before he passed that I have been told to not sweat in or wear when it’s wet or high humidity by my AD… this one stays inside a lot), my first watch my wife gave me when we started dating (Fossil dive watch that’s customized and engraved, favorite sentimental watch), and my “I won’t do this again, but I will” watch (Tissot Automatic PRX). I have a few other work in the yard watches that aren’t in my rotation daily, but they’re there.
$250 to spend… I’ve wanted one more to completely fill my 5-watch case that I have, and I’m not sure where to go from here. I don’t need a dive, I’ve got two. I’m leaning more toward a dressier watch, maybe a “do it all, can be dressed up or down” type. Want to stay at or under a 40mm case, any bigger and it looks kinda overwhelming on my wrist.
I’m open to anything, and I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions! I’ll NWD my pick if I decide one, or go with an inspiration!
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2022.01.29 00:40 Shreyan-invalid Early access to code visualiser

Hello everyone , I am working on a project with some of my peers. It's a project based on code visualization. We all know how breaking down and visualizing a code block can take immense amount of time when it comes to projects on a big scale. It takes hours for a code review, this can be simplified by a code visualizer which takes out the blueprint of a certain piece of code and then presents the code flow. I am inviting you all to test out our application with your JAVA projects and give us a feedback on how useful this application is to you. If you're interested please comment down your email address so we can send a formal invitation.
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2022.01.29 00:40 TheSaylesMan On the Nature of World Spirits

A disclaimer: When I say world spirit, I am not talking about the World Spirits are referred to in Exodite lore. I am talking about World Spirits like the kind that Fenris was said to have in the Warzone Fenris books from 8th edition.
I sure hope I am not the only one that felt like this entire concept came out of left field. Do we have any more information about what these things are? As of right now, they appear like minor gods that are for some reason associated with worlds in the Materium. As far as I can tell there is very little information regarding what they are and perhaps more than a little bit of animosity that the writers have used a term that has already come up in lore to describe an entirely new being. I have taken to inventing fannon to reconcile their existence with the rest of the lore.
I believe these World Spirits are simply a more macro version of one of the types of Machine Spirit. We are all aware of the types of Machine Spirit yes? Some Machine Spirits are literal on-board intelligent elements of a piece of tech (mechanical or biological.) Some of them are anthropomorphizations of normal, dumb technology by the simple and superstitious humans of 40k. Then there are the small minority of Machine Spirits who are literal minor warp phenomena fueled by the belief and faith of their wielders and the people that see the miraculous things done with them. This is what I essentially suggesting that a World Spirit is.
Sometimes, when a world is perceived as a living being by its own population over a long enough time by a large enough group of people, the belief of the world being a person makes it true. A spirit emerges in the Warp that is a reflection of what this culture anthropomorphizes its planet as. I imagine this would take a very long time and that it would simply not work if a planet was populated by peoples who all had different ideas as to what the spirit of their planet is.
Anybody out there got any more specific lore for me to dig into for answers? I'm not too satisfied by the answer that I made up myself.
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2022.01.29 00:40 Chybabyy My boys 💚 tolerance at it’s best.

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2022.01.29 00:40 _tryingtobefriendly_ Guys who missed the train, how you feeling?

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2022.01.29 00:40 Pippost_official 10 Best Stocks to Buy for Your Income-Generating Portfolio - Read more on PipPost

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2022.01.29 00:40 jaelwelch Binance Futures Referral

Visit for Binance Futures Referral. The most used and at the same time the most reliable crypto exchange platform is Binance. Also, Binance extremely easy to use and learn. You can earn a 20% commission discount on each purchase.
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How to Register Binance? To make an account with Binance, you should simply get enrolled on the Official Binance Website. On the enrollment page you will be elevated to enter a substantial email address and pick a secret phrase for yourself. When you consent to the Terms and Conditions, you will be approached to check your account by means of email. The email shipped off your given account will contain a connection where you can check your Binance account. When you click on the connection, your Binance account has been made and you are prepared to start exchanging. Yet, before you do, we suggest getting your account through two-factor confirmation. Since exchanging cryptographic money is an expensive and dangerous cycle, it is fundamental for guard your account from any programmers on the web. Binance permits you to set up 2FA and interface your account to your versatile number. This implies that before you can sign in to your Binance account from another gadget, you will be approached to confirm your personality through the telephone number gave.
Funding Your Binance Account As referenced before, Binance is absolutely a cryptocurrency trade application. This implies that to begin exchanging with Binance, you will be needed to finance your account with some current cryptocurrency. This should be possible utilizing some other cryptocurrency trade wallet. Just go to your wallet where you have the cryptocurrency put away, select the amount you need to move, and send those assets to your substantial Binance account. The most awesome aspect of exchanging with computerized monetary standards is that everything occurs in a moment. When you select 'send' from your crypto trade wallet, your Binance account will be supported right away. If you register with a Binance Referral Link, it will provide to you 20% discount from your each buying.
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2022.01.29 00:40 XxKon_ArtxX Congrats to the 11 new owners of this NFT and thank you for following simple directions!

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2022.01.29 00:40 I_Ate_My_Dads_Ashes I didn't neglect this. I kept checking on him atleast once a day. Great to be back to dank memer

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2022.01.29 00:40 t4ll_mar IEM sub $100 for gaming

I’ve use ATM40X after a 2hr gaming session I have massive head fatigue. So I decided to use my 3.5m Apple Earbuds into my FIOO Headphone AMP and honestly they sound pretty good. Mostly play Valorant. Should I buy something more expensive(IEM) because after a couple hour or so gaming session w IEM I feel great. But honestly these $20 Earbuds are fantastic
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2022.01.29 00:40 openaccountrandom if christians believe that jesus will come back one day then why don’t they believe that any other protest are jesus?

like what if the other religious founders are the reincarnation of jesus but christians don‘t want to believe it? is it because it’s supposed to look like jesus and say his name is jesus?
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